The Three Rivers Farm is one of the preeminent cattle operations in El Seibo Province, a major cattle producing area of the Dominican Republic. It is located two hours from the international airport of La Romana and three hours from the international airport of Santo Domingo. Nestled in the foothills of the northeastern mountains, nine miles from the north coast, the farm enjoys a microclimate favorable to the production of year-round pasture. The Rio Chavon , one of the most important rivers in the country, traverses the farm. Two tributaries of the Chavon, Chavoncito and Arroyon, also flow through the farm. Additionally, there are dozens of springs and small creeks, feeding their crystalline waters into these major arteries. The farm is approximately eleven hundred and twenty-five acres (7,300 tareas), cross-fenced into over forty pastures, almost all of it with new wire and live posts. Each pasture has live water. About half the land is flat to gently rolling; the other half is hilly, but not too steep to graze. The grass grows so fast, cattle can often be rotated back to a grazed pasture after thirty days.

Livestock and Facilities Three Rivers Farm

We are currently running over 500 head of cattle-Brahma, Brown Swiss, and Holstein Crosses- with the reserve capacity for nearly twice that number. Most cows can raise a calf and be milked once daily, all on grass, with no additional feeds. The farm can be run as an all-beef operation with the existing livestock. The working pens are first-rate, made of concrete and steel.

Main House Three Rivers Farm

The house was built using local materials. On a concrete slab, with a pole structure, hand-split royal palm siding, and a tied-thatch roof, the house is an artisanal gem, cool on the hottest day and quiet in the heaviest rainstorm.

Springs, Rivers, Creeks, and Waterfalls Three Rivers Farm

There is abundant surface water on the farm, providing for all the needs of the livestock and offering many beautiful locations to enjoy nature and the perfect weather.

Roads, Quarries, Fences, Woodlot Three Rivers Farm

There are two quarries on the farm. One provides excellent road-building material; the other, first-rate aggregate and sand for concrete. The eucalyptus woodlot provides roof beams. All fences have live posts. These materials are for farm use and for sale.

Pastures Three Rivers Farm

The farm is cross-fenced into forty pastures, allowing for efficient rotational grazing. There is a variety of grasses, and every pasture has a spring, or a creek or river flowing through it.


Sale price $1,500,000 U.S.

-- or trade for commercial property in the U.S.

Includes all livestock and equipment.